What an exciting and incredible journey this has been for both Kristy and myself, our little business is still very young and we are enjoying every moment working together creating beautiful fashion pieces for our Bliss & Bells eccommerce store.

We are a mother and daughter team who just love to create and design. My name is Cheryl and Kristy is my beautiful daughter and we would both like to personally welcome you to Bliss & Bells and hope that you love what we do just as much as we love creating these gorgeous fashion accessories.

I have been married for 42 years and proud to say I have 2 absolutely wonderful grown up children Nathan and Kristy.

Kristy is married and has 4 amazingly beautiful children, so as you can imagine Kristy was one busy lady before we even considered starting a business together.

Nathan is married and has 5 amazingly beautiful children and 1 grandchild all who live here on the Gold Coast.

Wow! 9 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild...I am loving life!

I am sure you can all imagine how organised we both have to be in juggling our family committments and work, Kristy especially has her work cut out for her organising 4 children before she even starts to work with Bliss & Bells.

Once our daily jobs are done we put on our Bliss & Bells hat and get straight into designing and sewing our gorgeous garments and fashion accessories for you all.

Kristy and I are definitely entering a new chapter of our lives by opening our new business venture together 'Bliss & Bells" We have taken the bull by the horns and entered into a world of technology that we knew nothing about. With absolutely no knowledge at all of the online selling industry and armed with only the motivation to succeed we bit the bullet and took on the mammoth task with a smile. (smiling most of the time...hahaha)

Kristy and I are both the sewers, creators, designers and now masters of the social media, photography and the website world!!! 

We have truly loved the whole process and the lovely people we have met along the way.

Kristy and I are truly blessed